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Kelsey. 17. North Carolina.

Everyone's messed up in their own way, and so am I.

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  1. Attempted scaring my husband coming home from work, he knew I was there
  2. I told him to go back and do it again, but to act scared this time!
  3. Instead of scaring him, apparently I airbended the crap out of him and it was so powerful that it knocked him to the ground
  4. This is why I love him

Adorable overacting husband is adorable…

i’ll take 2

Can I have him

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Iggy Azalea and Dennis Rodman welcome u to watch the new House of Style ep


Iggy Azalea and Dennis Rodman welcome u to watch the new House of Style ep

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all yall keep callin katt williams crazy but he the only one been makin sense for a long damn time

why yall think katt was gettin arrested so much and “went crazy”? His stand-ups funny as fuck but if you stop laughing and listen he telling yall some secrets, PLENTY OF THEM, those people (you know who they are, in higher places) was like ok lil nigga you funny but now you saying a little TOO much let’s go head and shut him down, look at everybody like that who KNEW what the fuck was going on, prime example, Pac .

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"What’s your favorite color?"
"Radical Carrot."



"What’s your favorite color?"

"Radical Carrot."


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Elizabeth GilbertCommitted: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage (via feellng)

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Exciting Photo Illusions

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I’m glad that Ferguson is getting attention, seriously I am, but I haven’t seen ONE post about what is happening over seas. Not even one post about the pictures above. Children are being beheaded and dragged into the streets where they are then shot because their families are Christian. Women are being raped and murdered. Men are being murdered. PEOPLE are dying. It’s a Christian Holocaust. And I haven’t seen anything on Tumblr.

Why aren’t any of you furious about this?! Where’s the “social justice?” ISIS is murdering people who don’t convert to Islam (yes, I know they’re extremists and not all Muslims are like that. Save yourself the rant) but I really want to know why this hasn’t been given the attention it deserves.

Seriously, guys. This is really scary, and we need to raise attention for these people. They so desperately need our prayers and support.

It’s not getting attention because on Tumblr, Christians are seen as the oppressor and the Muslims as the oppressed.

Maybe it’s about time we bury the hatchet and give attention to the poor families who are living through another Holocaust. We were all created equal, now weren’t we?

Please spread the horrible, horrible news. People need to know.

Spread this my gosh I didn’t know of this please talk about this, please.

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